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With a wide selection of properties for sale find your 1st home, next move or an investment property with John Grants Independent Estate Agents.

Property Consultants

Our experienced property consultants have a wealth of knowledge in residential sales and the local area. We will take note of your property needs and target the most suitable properties to you.

Contact us today and we’ll guide you through the process of buying your 1st home or moving to your new home. If you investing then our property consultants can give you advise on rental returns, types of lettings schemes and general Landlord information.

Buyers Guide

Buying a property is probably the most stressful purchase you will ever do. At John Grants we are here to make that process as quick and stress free as possible. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process.


Do you need a mortgage? By obtaining an agreement in principle (AIP) from your lender allows you to a) know how much you can pay for your new property and b) puts you in a strong position when making that offer.


Selling your current property and using the proceeds to purchase your next property. Book your Valuation today and let us get the ball rolling. Remember if you have a property to sell then let us get it under offer for you putting you in a strong position when making that offer.


Do you need a mortgage? By obtaining an agreement in principle (AIP) from your lender allows you to a) know how much you can pay for your new property and b) puts you in a strong position when making that offer.


Instructing a good solicitor is the key to the sale completing as quickly and efficiently as possible. A solicitor that communicates with the agent will ultimately lead to smoother transaction. Do your research in advance. We can also recommend solicitors that we work with that are tried and tested.


Your offer will be presented to our vendor and we will advise them of your suitability and position to buy, if requested, you may need to prove your position. Once your offer has been accepted you are on your way to next stages. There are no legal obligations from either side until contracts have been exchanged.


Prepare before the viewing with questions you would like to ask our consultants who will provide you with as much information about the property to make an informed decision about the properties suitability, of course we will direct you to view properties that are suitable to you in accordance with your needs and requirements.


Solicitors will carry out the legal checks involving checking title, searches, approve contract etc. Ensure that you provide funds and information to your solicitor as soon as possible. Finally your solicitor will report back to you, request that you sign the contracts and any Mortgage deed in readiness for exchange and completion.

Mortgage Offers

Once your offer has been agreed you need to contact your broker or lender to arrange for the survey (valuation) to be booked. Once the surveyor has been then the lender will send a formal Mortgage Offer to you and your solicitor (your solicitor will ask you sign their copy).


Prior to exchange you will need to provide the agreed deposit (normally 10%) to your solicitor Upon exchanged both parties are legally bound. On the day of completion your solicitor will transfer the balance monies to your vendor’s solicitor which will complete your purchase. Once this has been confirmed then we can release keys to you.


You are now the proud owner of your new home. We like to keep in touch so you may get a call from us to see how things are going and keep you updated with the market.

If you have purchased your investment property remember to speak to our property experts who have a wealth of knowledge on the lettings process and achieving the best rental price, finding suitable tenants and managing your property with minimum hassle.

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